Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the Tri-Booth?

A:  The exterior dimensions are H 78” x W 38” x D 38". The interior dimensions are H 75" x W 36" x D 36". No matter your height, sitting or standing, we can adjust the Tri-Booth’s height to suit your needs for free. (We currently don’t offer customizing the width of the Tri-Booth.) The weight is 40lbs in the duffle bag, 48lbs in the recommended hard-shell case.

Q: What comes with my purchase of a Tri-Booth? Do I get a microphone, too?

A: You don’t get a microphone (though we’re happy to recommend one), but you do get the following items with your purchase:

Q: Is the Tri-Booth soundproof?

A: The design behind Tri-Booth aims to solve the issue of a recording having too much reverb, sounding like it’s in an untreated room. There is no claim or ability for such a light-weight and portable product to stop noise entering the recording. Please don’t be swayed by products on eBay with claims of being “soundproof” while being portable or weighing only 50 lbs. It takes a MASSIVE structure, weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds to provide any real noticeable isolation from noise. 

Q: The bottom third of the booth has no blanket! Does that mean the sound will get in and affect my recording?

A: Why did we leave a gap at the bottom? It was just part of the goal to make a product as portable as possible. Keeping in mind that the booth does not provide “soundproofing” (see prior question) We found there was no improvement when the side panels reached the floor, and the weight and volume was increased too much for its checkable suitcase and FAA weight limit requirements.  

Q: Recordings made in my Tri-Booth don’t sound right. What should I do?

A: You’re in luck because you bought the ONLY portable booth product that includes George The Tech!  Every order includes a sound filter created by George. He’ll listen to the audio you’re producing, give pointers on mic selection, mic placement, and booth location to improve your recordings, then create the perfect sound processing settings for your software. If in the end it’s determined the Tri-Booth isn’t the right solution for your needs, George will guide you in the right direction. 


Q: Can I return my Tri-Booth?

A: We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with Tri-Booth, for any reason, you may return it for a refund of the purchase price or an in-store credit within 30 days of purchase. If your purchase was eligible for free shipping, the shipping cost will be deducted from your credit or refund. Also, we will deduct a 15% restocking fee from the refund. This covers the time we’ll need to unpack, test, refurbish, disinfect, and repack the booth for sale to another customer. For more information regarding returns/refunds, please visit our RETURNS & EXCHANGES page.

Q: Besides the Tri-Booth itself, what else might I need to purchase for my studio to be operational? In other words, what DOESN’T come with the Tri-Booth?

A: Among the items you’ll need in addition to the Tri-Booth are: 


Q: What is this “audio filter” I get with my purchase? Why do I need it and how do I get it?

A:  The Tri-Booth provides a clean recording environment for voice recording at home or while traveling and sometimes even the layers of extra-thick insulating moving blankets alone won’t achieve the desired sound. To that end, we include a digital “audio filter” or “stack” with each unit. It ensures your recordings match an existing home studio as closely as possible or  just make your Tri-Booth sound as good as possible. When you receive your Tri-Booth, you should set it up in the room you’d like to use it in (maybe a home office or a hotel room, for example). Then you’ll get inside and record a sample of the kind of work you typically do and send it to us. To  make it easy for you, just follow the instructions in this link: Once we receive your sample, you can expect to receive your audio filter within 1-4 hours. If you plan to use your Tri-Booth at a travel destination, you must contact us at least 72 hours before you leave with your travel plans.

***Please note: George Whittam’s service is solely to provide you the audio filter for your Tri-Booth; it does not include any other engineering services. If you require additional services, please visit


Q: If it gets warm inside the Tri-Booth, what can I do to cool it off without producing any additional sound?

A: If the room you are recording in is warm or if you are recording a particularly long voiceover, it may get warm inside the Tri-Booth. Here’s what we recommend to cool things down:  


Q: I purchased an additional set of blankets for my Tri-Booth. How do I attach them?

A: The easiest way to put the second set of blankets on is to offset them slightly from the first set. That is, attach the first set of blankets as shown on the video on the website, then start attaching the second set several inches to the right or left from where you started the first set, so that the hooks on the second set fit between the grommets & hooks of the first set. The slit or opening into the booth of both sets of blankets may not line up exactly, but you can still easily enter and exit the Tri-Booth. And you’ll have double the sound insulation. Still confused? You can always set up a time to Zoom or Skype so we can walk you through it. And you are always welcome to send photos.

Q: What is the waxy material inside the couplings?

A: The pipes need to be inserted firmly into the couplings during the assembly by pushing and twisting them in.  You’ll know when they’re connected properly as they’ll push in about 1 centimeter. The couplings on the PVC pipes have a wax lubricant (which you can purchase on our “Add-Ons” page) to ease connecting and disconnecting them. The lubricant is meant to ease the assemble and disassemble of the pipes, but not make them so slick that the pipes slip out of their couplings. 

Q: I can’t afford the Tri-Booth, but I want to buy one now. Are there discounts or payment plans?

A: We regularly offer sales and other incentives so make sure you subscribe! We want nothing more to be able to offer our booth at a lower price, but at the current time we are an incredibly small operation: each unit is hand-built and tested USA. As we grow, our hope is to be able to offer the Tri-Booth at a price that is easily manageable not only for the professional, but that amateur as well. We realize putting together a home/travel studio isn’t always easy on the bank account, but when it comes to VO-related equipment, you typically get what you pay for. 

Quick story: Rick Wasserman, the inventor of the Tri-Booth is a popular veteran voiceover actor, and has used the same Sennheiser 416 microphone for over 20 years and it’s never given him a day’s trouble. It was and is worth every penny. We wish you the same good fortune.

Q: I see that the Tri-Booth comes in a large duffle bag. Didn’t it used to come in a piece of hardshell luggage? Is that still available?

A: Currently, the Tri-Booth comes in a duffle bag for easy light travel and storage. If you are regularly traveling by plane or train, we recommend using a piece of hardshell luggage. We stopped selling the hardshell luggage ourselves during the onset of the pandemic when travel all but halted entirely. As this difficult time passes, we may offer the hardshell luggage again, but for now you can purchase it yourself for the same price it’d cost if you purchased it directly from us. See our recommendation on the “Add-Ons” page on this website.

Q: What is traveling with the Tri-Booth like at the airport?

A: For air travel, we recommend getting the hardshell luggage to ensure your Tri-Booth is safe when being moved around by baggage handlers and when being jostled around in the plane’s storage during flight. Tell  the airline representative who checks in your Tri-Booth that it is a mobile recording studio made of PVC and moving blankets and that it is fragile (it isn’t really “fragile”, but you want them to handle it carefully.)  Also, we’ve left our logo off the case so as not to attract any unwanted attention. The provided luggage tag has a contact information card under the Tri-Booth card for you to fill out. 


Q: What if something on my booth breaks?

A: Something’s not working optimally or has broken? Contact us at and we’ll either tell you how to fix it or send you a replacement part.


Q: There’s some accessories I’d like to add to my Tri-Booth? Do you have recommendations?

A: We have sourced iPad/tablet holders, mic clips or shock mounts, pre-amps, microphones, headphones and additional technical assistance with setup and tuning of your equipment. You can find links to them all on our “Add-Ons” page. Is there something you want to add to your Tri-Booth that you still can’t find? Let us know and we’ll curate just what you’re looking for.


Q: I just received my Tri-Booth, but need assistance assembling it. Where can I find help?

A: Video instructions can be found at the bottom of the homepage of the Tri-Booth website or follow this link:, password: bookabletutorial2019. Or you can find written instructions in the red “Emergency Kit” found in the accessory box. Also, we can always be reached at 323-909-9277 during normal business hours (9am-4pmPST M-F) and at To book tech support for ALL of your studio needs, visit


Q: How are sales and or use Taxes handled with my purchases?

A: Sales and or use taxes will not be collected on this site. You the buyer are responsible for any taxes owed on purchases.