Vocal Booth Add-Ons & Accessories

We have curated these compatible accessories to help you customize your Tri-Booth to suit your unique sound booth needs. To purchase these items, click the Amazon "Buy Now" button where available. These items will arrive separately from your Tri-Booth.

Add-Ons From Tri-Booth

Additional acoustic blanket set: Consider if the recording environment is very reverberant, has elevated noise levels, or you have to perform with high energy/ volume. Acoustic blankets are not soundproof, but do reduce room tone levels. The cost is $300. To purchase, click here
Additional audio filter: If you plan on using the Tri-Booth is multiple locations, each with a different sound recording environment (i.e. an apartment in a busy city, a cabana near the beach, a very echo-y garage, etc.), then you might consider purchasing an addition custom audio filter created by George the Tech specifically for your unique situation & noise reduction needsTo purchase, click here.

Voiceover coaching: Need help with an important audition? Getting ready for demo? Want to sharpen and level up your voice over skills? We offer professional training for all levels of experience and all areas of voiceover, whether you are just learning how to do voice over, or highly experienced and looking to get that extra edge over the competition. To discuss your coaching needs, visit contact us at

Virtual Technical help: Schedule some one-on-one with a recording technician over Zoom or Skype and iron out your recording work flow. To discuss your technical needs, contact us at George@GeorgeThe.Tech or click here.

***I NEED EVERYTHING!***: We've got you covered. If you need a Tri-Booth AND a microphone, shock mount, headset, audio interface, cords, and more - click here.

Recommended Accessories From Amazon

Hard-shell luggage: If you want to take your Tri-Booth on an airplane, a hard-shell case (must be at least 28") like this one is a must. All of the contents of your Tri-Booth pack perfectly in this case and it weighs under 50lbs so you don’t incur any penalties when you check your bags.
Portable Vocal Booth amazon case
Click Here To Order Recommended Hard Shell Case On Amazon

Tablet holder: If you use the copy stand for a laptop, use this tablet holder to keep your hands free while you read from your iPad or other tablet device.
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Additional utility shelf (large): Ideal for those wanting more shelf space for a keyboard, mouse pad, pre amp, or whatever you need in the booth with you.
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Additional dimmable LED light: The is our go-to booth light. Adjustable, compact, and just the right warmth to make your time in the Tri-Booth easy on the eyes. *The Tr-Booth already comes with one of these. Only purchase if you want an additional or back-up light.
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PVC lubricant: To ensure the couplings are easy to pull apart and fit back together. 
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DISCLAIMER:  Specific parts & or accessories may at times differ from what is shown on this site, in pictures, or videos and is based on availability.