Rental Terms and Conditions: In exchange for the rental of the “Rental Items” as shown on your order, you agree to these Tri-Booth Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”). The “Rental Fee” shown on your order is due in full before you pick up or receive the Rental Items. The “Rental Term” starts and ends according to your booked dates, and in all cases must be less than four months. If you want to keep using the Rental Items beyond the Rental Return Date, you must place another rental order. You cannot extend the Rental Term over the phone, via email, text or any other way except by placing another order online. You agree to return the Rental Items in the same condition as when you received them, normal wear and tear excluded. You are responsible for any loss or theft of the Rental Items for the duration of your rental period. You are responsible for any damage or malfunction of the Rental Items during the Rental Term. You cannot sublease or loan the Rental Items to anyone.

There are no Refunds

Late Fees: If you return the Rental Items after the Rental Return Date, you agree to pay additional rental fees for each full or partial day at the “Daily Rate for Late Rentals” as shown on your order.

Unreturned or Damaged Rental Items: In addition to paying Rental Fees and additional rental fees, you agree to pay the replacement value (shown as “Price” on your order) of Rental Items that are not returned within two days after the Rental Return Date or that are returned in a damaged, incomplete or inoperable condition.

Security Deposit: In addition to a credit card authorization, you agree to allow us to charge and hold a security deposit for the Rental Items, shown on your order as the “Deposit.” This charge is security against loss or damage of the Rental Items or non-payment of any fees. We will return the Rental Deposit, less Shipping and any amounts you owe us, within three days after the Rental Items have been returned to us.

Unpaid Sums and Remedies: You agree that we may charge your credit card and the Rental Deposit for any unpaid sums you incur under the Terms. If you do not pay all amounts you owe us, we shall have all legal and equitable rights and remedies to collect all amounts due to us and to recover the Rental Items. These rights and remedies may include some or all of the following: $50 repossession fee, a 20% third party debt collection fee, the Daily Rate for Late Rentals, plus a $15 third party administrative collection fee if we turn your account over to a debt collection agency. You also agree to pay for all costs of recovery for repossession and collection of damages for unpaid sums, including attorneys’ fees, court costs and other expenses we incur to collect amounts due us or to recover the Rental Items, as permitted by law

Authorization: You authorize us to charge your credit card for any unpaid sums, whether or not you are present when we charge the card.

No Liability; Limitation of Liability; Indemnity: We are not responsible for, and accept no liability for, injuries, faulty performance of, or failure of the Rental Items to perform as desired. We are not responsible for training you to properly use the Rental Items. You agree to accept the Rental Items “as-is” and with no warranties of any kind. You agree that we are not responsible for any losses or damage, including consequential, incidental, direct and the like, even if we have reason to know of the likelihood of such damages. In any event and under all circumstances, our maximum liability to you under the Terms is for the Rental Fee. It is your responsibility to check the Rental Items for suitable condition and operability prior to leaving the store. You assume the risks of and agree to hold us harmless from all property damage and personal injuries caused by the Rental Items, where permitted by law.

Option to Purchase: You may elect to purchase your Tri-Booth(s) and/or Extra Blanket sets at any time.  Contact or call us at 323-909-9277 for pricing, as purchasing price varies based on depreciation.