VOICEOVER 101 Webinar Download: 4 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Earn A Living Wage - with Rick Wasserman



VOICEOVER 101 Webinar Download : 4 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Earn A Living Wage  - with Rick Wasserman

Facilitator:  Director of BOOKABLE Voiceover and Co-Creator of Tri-Booth, Rick Wasserman is a popular VO educator and 25 year voiceover veteran. 

Description:  In this exclusive webinar, learn the four practical proven keys to making a living as a voice actor. Stand out and book regular work in this crowded, exciting and lucrative industry. 

Duration:  2 hour session including Q&A. 

Recording Date & Time:  Tuesday 6/14/22, 3pm PDT.  

How to Download: Just click on the "ADD TO CART" Button & follow the Checkout process. 

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